Talent Management

Employee retention is consistently rated as the issue that is believed to have the most impact on business performance. Managing talent effectively can also provide improved return on investment through maintaining employee productivity and the increased efficiencies associated with developing talent and transitioning employees into new roles.

There are a number of organisations who can provide talent management services, here is one of the leading players worth giving consideration to when trying to obtain these services:

DBMDBM is a leading global Change or ‘Transitions’ Management Company and has over 230 locations in 85 countries worldwide. They help organizations to transition their employees through the business; maintaining employee satisfaction and productivity, improving morale and retention, reducing the cost of recruitment & re-hiring and holding on to critical organisational knowledge. They have a large number of specialist consultants who have worked within the telecoms and IT sectors and their support can include:

  • Career and Personal Assessment to provide employees with the tools and knowledge that forms the basis for the individual’s career goals
  • Career Directional Counseling designed to help an individual’s future development within an organisation
  • Coaching to deliver solid, measurable benefits in personal achievements and satisfaction
  • Career Management Services providing a comprehensive range of services and tools to assist individuals in realising responsibilities for their own self development
  • Development Centre Design & Delivery
  • Management training to assist the development of talent within their teams

For further details, please take a look at their website www.dbm.co.uk DBM