Professional Bodies

A great way to further enhance your career is to join one or more of the leading professional bodies that represent your career in yours and other industries.

There are many benefits, including professional qualifications, networking, attending conferences, seminars and events that tackle some of the key issues facing the industry of the day. They are also a great source of information and are useful in the pursuit of research across a whole range of subjects. They can very often point you in the right direction to obtain further information, or obtain new contacts.

You might also be interested in the many Wireless and Mobile Industry Events happening across the globe.

With regard to the UK, here are the essential links to professions that can help you in both the technical and the business sectors:-



  1. The Chartered Institute of Marketing. You'll find this site has some very good connections with marketing and commercial agencies worldwide, all of which have links from their website, along with a whole raft of useful marketing and research articles to help you with your search.
  2. The Interim Management Association
  3. The Institute of Direct Marketing
  4. Market Research Society
  5. The Institute of Sales Promotion
  6. The Institute of Public Relations
  7. The Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development
  8. The Law Society
  9. The Institute of Chartered Accountants, England & Wales
  10. The Institute of Management Accountants


  1. The Institute of Management Consultants




  1. The Institution of Engineering and Technology


  1. The Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers